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Vlaggenwacht Den Haag / Flag Watch The Hague

Daily demonstration against the war in Ukraine

Since the start of the war in Ukraine the ‘Vlaggenwacht’ (Flag watch) The Hague keep watch over a number of Ukrainian flags, amongst which a flag measuring 20 by 2 meter. The flags are put up every day opposite the Russian ambassy in The Hague.

The peaceful initiative was taken by a group of citizens from The Hague who are concerned by the war waged in Ukraine by Russia. The flag watch was started after agreement with the local authorities that someone should always be present at the big flag.

A substantial group of volunteers ensure that someone is present at the big flag every day between 08.00 and 18.00 hr. We take turns keeping watch for an hour at a time. We use an app which enables us to sign up easily for a specific time slot. This means that if you participate, you have every flexibility to determine when you will be on watch.

We will keep up our demonstration until the war in Ukraine has come to an end.
New Flag watch volunteers are very welcome!

Would you like to help us or do you have a question?
Please send an email to